Cell Signalling Biology
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"It is an impressive, well written and comprehensive resource! It has concise tables, wonderfully informative (and colourful) images, and animations. It is a resource that I'll use time and again and I hope that it will continue to be updated!"
Dr Steven Bottomley (Curtin University, Australia).

"It has been my privilege to browse through Cell Signalling Biology, the new interactive on-line resource developed by Professor Sir Michael Berridge. This is an elegant, all encompassing and easy to use database that provides you with everything you need to know about Cell Signalling. Mike Berridge's genius for this subject is evident in the clear and concise manner that he condenses the must know information on each signalling pathway. This brings the complex and continually changing signalling landscape to life on your computer screen. I highly recommend this resource to everyone from novice to signal transduction aficionado."
John D. Scott, University of Washington School of Medicine

"Michael Berridge, a distinguished scholar in cell signalling biology, has provided an innovative internet database with signalling maps involving twelve basic modules. The novel visual presentation is enhanced by extensive interactive links between and within modules with a full text search engine. The information will be valuable to investigators as well as teachers and students who can tour cell signalling pathways online or even download materials for courses. Highly recommended."
James T. Stull, UT Southwestern Medical Center

"A fantastic resource for educators and researchers alike, and for anyone interested in the basics and details of cell signalling pathways. The diagrams are particularly useful as teaching tools, I highly recommend this to anyone engaged in signalling research".
Alex Toker, Harvard Medical School, Boston.

"The beauty of cell signalling", writes Michael J. Berridge, "is the way different pathways are combined and adapted to control a diverse array of cellular processes in widely different spatial and temporal domains."

In the newly launched website, called Cell Signalling Biology, Berridge provides a large, comprehensive resource that discusses all of these aspects of cell signalling and integrates emerging cell-signalling findings.
The text contains extensive linking to other pertinent sections, as well as to published research articles and reviews. An extensive collection of figures and tables complements the text excellently, and a split-screen setup allows for the convenient and helpful display of a figure or table alongside the text. In addition, a full-text searching function allows users to find relevant information quickly.
Research Highlight: Nature Reviews Molecular Cell Biology 7, 626 (September 2006) | Webwatch: Cell signalling condensed - Asher Mullard