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Module 10: Figure hair cell presynaptic Ca2+ signals

Depolarization-induced Ca2+ transient localized to the basal region of an inner hair cell.

The panels on the left illustrate the location of the line scans (dashed green lines) that are shown in the middle panel. The white bar on the line scan represents the time when the cell was depolarized. The coloured bars at the top represent the bands that were used to construct the time course (red and blue traces on the right) of the Ca2+ signals in the different cellular locations. Reproduced from Kennedy, H.J. and Meech, R.W. (2002) Fast Ca2+ signals at mouse inner hair cell synapse: a role for Ca2+-induced Ca2+ release. J. Physiol. 539:15–23, with permission from Blackwell Publishing; see Kennedy and Meech 2002.