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Module 10: Figure gonadotroph ER Ca2+ oscillations

Oscillations of gonadotroph ER Ca2+ concentrations.

Oscillations of Ca2+ within the lumen of the ER (dashed line) recorded simultaneously with the outward current caused by the opening of the Ca2+-activated K+ channels (continuous line), which is a direct measure of the intracellular level of Ca2+. Reproduced from Tse, F.W., Tse, A. and Hille, B. (1994) Cyclic Ca2+ changes in intracellular stores of gonadotropes during gonadotrophin-releasing hormone-stimulated Ca2+ oscillations. Proc. Natl. Acad. Sci, U.S.A. 91:9750–9754; Copyright (1994), with permission from the National Academy of Sciences; see Tse et al 1994.