Module 10: Figure cerebellar neural circuit

Organization of the cerebellar neural circuit.

A number of cell types regulate the activity of the Purkinje cells. The granule cells provide the parallel fibres that innervate the spines on the dendritic tree to provide an excitatory input that can induce localized Ca2+ signals in individual spines. The Golgi cells and the stellate/basket cells function as inhibitory interneurons. The Golgi cells inhibit the granule cells, whereas the stellate/basket cells inhibit the Purkinje cells. In addition to these four cell types, the cerebellum receives afferent input from mossy fibres, which innervate the granule cells, and climbing fibres, which wrap around the proximal dendrites of the Purkinje cells (see Module 10: Figure cerebellar climbing fibres for details of this climbing fibre innervation). Reproduced, with permission, from Principles of Neural Science, Kandel, E.R., Schwart, J.H. and Jessell, T.M. Copyright (2000) The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc.; see Kandel et al. 2000.