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Module 10: Figure basket cell Ca2+ transients

Spontaneous Ca2+ transients recorded from the synaptic endings of cerebellar basket cells.

A and B. A three-dimensional reconstruction of the basket-shaped terminal of a basket cell (Ba) on the surface of a Purkinje cell (Pkj). The two lines that were used for the scans shown on the right are indicated in B. C. Spatiotemporal profiles of the Ca2+-dependent fluorescence. D. The corresponding ∆F/F0 signals. E. Time course of the Ca2+ transients recorded at the black and green arrows in line scan 1 (see panel D) and the red and blue arrows in line scan 2. Reproduced, with permission, from Conti, R., Tan, Y.P. and Llano, I. (2004) Action potential-evoked and ryanodine-sensitive spontaneous Ca2+ transients at the presynaptic terminal of a developing CNS inhibitory synapse. J. Neurosci. 24:6946–6957. Copyright (2004) by the Society for Neuroscience; see Conti et al. 2004.