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Module 10: Figure neuronal Ca2+ wave

A Ca2+ wave originating in the dendrites travels down to the soma and invades the nucleus.

a. The fluorescent image of the neuron on the left illustrates the position of the nucleus (N), soma (S) and dendrite (D). The neuron was imaged along the red line and the individual line scans were stacked up to create the spatiotemporal plot shown on the right. The white line illustrates when the carbachol was added. Note that there was an immediate elevation in Ca2+ in the dendrite, which then spread towards the soma before invading the nucleus. The time course of this Ca2+ wave is shown in panel b. Reproduced, with permission, from Power, J.M. and Sah, P. (2002) Nuclear calcium signaling evoked by cholinergic stimulation in hippocampal CA1 pyramidal neurons. J. Neurosci. 22:3454–3462. Copyright (2002) by the Society for Neuroscience; see Power and Sah 2002.