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Module 9: Figure T cell shape change

T cell shape change and Ca2+ signals triggered by contact with an antigen-presenting cell.

A. Images of fura-2-loaded T cells approaching either a naïve B cell (a–d) or a B cell coated with an antigen (e–h). In the latter case, there was a dramatic increase in the level of Ca2+ accompanying the change in shape. B and C. These traces illustrate the time course for the change in shape and intracellular Ca2+ taken during the responses shown in A. Reproduced from Immunity, Vol. 4, Negulescu, P.A., Krasieva, T.B., Khan, A., Kerschbaum, H.H. and Cahalan, M.D., Polarity of T cell shape, motility, and sensitivity to antigen, pp. 421–430. Copyright (1994), with permission from Elsevier; see Negulescu et al. 1996.