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Module 7: Figure junctional Ca2+ transient

Junctional Ca2+ transients in rat mesenteric arteries.

A. This image of the surface of a mesenteric artery illustrates smooth muscle cells lying longitudinally and a number of fine nerves that cross over the surface of the fibres. The two black arrows represent the column of pixels that were scanned repeatedly to create the line-scan image shown in B. The row of black arrowheads at the top of B indicates the times when the nerves were stimulated. The nerves, which accumulate more of the Ca2+ indicator, show up as bright lines streaking across the spatiotemporal plot. A junctional Ca2+ transient (jCaT) appears at about 5 s along one of these lines that corresponds to a point where a fine nerve crosses a smooth muscle cell (white arrow in A). Reproduced from Lamont and Wier (2002).