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Module 7: Figure astrocyte diversity

Structural diversity of astrocytes.

This drawing summarizes the structural diversity of astrocytes. A consistent feature are the variable number of extensions that radiate out from the cell body and then anatomize into an elaborate branching tree-like structure. Many of the astrocytes have a longer extension containing an endfoot that makes contact with blood vessels. Details of the branching pattern of a typical astrocyte are shown in the left-hand panel of Module 7: Figure astrocyte organization. Reproduced from Reichenbach, A. and Wolburg, H. (2005) Astrocytes and ependymal glia. In Neuroglia, Kettenmann, H. and Bruce, R.R., eds, pp. 19–35, by permission of Oxford University Press; http://www.oup.com; see Reichenbach and Wolburg 2005.