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Module 7: Figure ICC coupling

Coupling of slow wave activity within a network of interstitial cells of Cajal.

The slow waves generated by each cell of the ICC network are tightly coupled together. The waves recorded from one cell (green trace recorded by electrode 1) are synchronized with those many millimeters away (red trace recorded by electrode 2). The hypothesis to explain this long range synchronization is illustrated by reference to the three cells (A, B and C) shown on the bottom. Each cell has an endogenous cytosolic Ca2+ oscillator and is capable of releasing Ca2+ spontaneously. In this case, cell B releases Ca2+ first and this results in membrane depolarization (ΔV), which then spreads to its neighbours (A and C) to entrain their oscillatory activity as described in the text. The nature of the oscillator in each cell is described in Module 7: Figure ICC pacemaker.