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Module 7: Figure Ca2+ microdomains in Bergmann glia

Microdomains of Ca2+ in a Bergmann glial cell following stimulation of the parallel fibre inputs.

The arrangement of the recording system is shown in panel a. Parallel fibres (PFs) were stimulated while Ca2+ responses were recorded in three of the major processes of the Bergmann glial (BG) cell, as shown in the three traces on the left of panel b. Process 1 showed the largest increase in Ca2+. When this process was subdivided into five regions of interest, the increase in Ca2+ was restricted to regions 2 and 3. Reproduced by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Nat. Neurosci., Grosche, J., Matyash, V., Möller, T., Verkhratsky, A., Reichenbach, A. and Kettermann, H. (1999) Microdomains for neuron–glia interaction: parallel fibre signalling to Bergmann glial cells. 2:139–143. Copyright (1999); http://www.nature.com/neuro; see Grosche et al. 2002.