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Module 7: Figure atrial cell Ca2+ signalling

Development of a global Ca2+ signal in the isolated rat atrial cell.

The development of a Ca2+ signal in an atrial myocyte in response to an electrical depolarization given at the time of the arrow. The successive images indicate how the signal begins with Ca2+ sparks at the periphery that appear by 8 ms. These early sparks then trigger a wave that spreads the signal in towards the centre of the cell. The sequence of events is shown diagrammatically in Module 7: Figure ventricular and atrial cell kinetics). Reproduced from MacKenzie, L., Bootman, M.D., Berridge, M.J. and Lipp, P. (2001) Predetermined recruitment of calcium release sites underlies excitation-contraction coupling in rat atrial myocytes. J. Physiol. 530:415–429, with permission from Blackwell Publishing; see MacKenzie et al. 2001.