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Module 7: Figure smooth muscle cell Ca2+ oscillations

Ca2+ oscillations recorded from the smooth muscle cells surrounding cortical arterioles.

The dotted line indicates the position of one of the smooth muscle cells (SMCs) that wrap around the arteriole. The Ca2+ signals shown on the right were recorded from the regions indicated by the coloured boxes on four separate SMCs. The oscillations had a mean frequency of 0.18 Hz. Reproduced from Filosa, J.A., Bonev, A.D. and Nelson, M.T. (2004) Calcium dynamics in cortical astrocytes and arterioles during neurovascular coupling. Circ. Res. 95:e73–e81, with permission from Lippincott Williams & Wilkins; http://www.lww.com/; see Filosa et al. 2004.