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Module 6: Figure suprachiasmatic nucleus

Location of the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in the hypothalamic region of the brain.

The location of the suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) in mouse (arrows in a and b) was identified using autoradiography to detect radioactive labelled mRNA transcribed from the clock gene Per. (a) In the parasagittal section, the arrow points to the SCN located above the optic chiasm (oc). (b) In this coronal section, the paired SCN are clearly located at the bottom of the brain. (c) In this higher magnification, the SCN was stained with an antibody directed against vasoactive intestinal peptide (VIP), which is produced by the ventral core neurons. The latter are mainly confined to the ventral region close to the optic chiasm (oc), but they send out axons to innervate the dorsal shell neurons, as illustrated diagrammatically in Module 6: Figure circadian clock location. Reproduced from Mutat. Res., Vol. 574, Reddy, A.B., Wong, G.K.Y., O’Neill, J., Maywood, E.S. and Hastings, M.H., Circadian clocks: neural and peripheral pacemakers that impact upon the cell division cycle, pp. 76–91. Copyright (2005), with permission from Elsevier; see Reddy et al. 2005.