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Module 6: Figure SCN clock synchronization

Synchronization of the circadian clocks in suprachiasmatic nucleus (SCN) dorsal and ventral neurons.

The expression of the Per gene was studied in both the dorsal and ventral region that were separated by a surgical incision. Cells in the ventral region retained a remarkable degree of synchronicity, whereas this was lost in the dorsal cells. Reproduced with permission from Yamaguchi, S., Isejima, H., Matsuo, T., Okura, R., Yagita, K., Kobayashi, M. and Okamura, H. (2003) Synchronization of cellular clocks in the suprachiasmatic nucleus. Science 302:1408–1412. Copyright (2003) American Association for the Advancement of Science; see Yamaguchi et al. 2003.