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Module 4: Figure PtdIns3P formation in phagosomes

Rapid accumulation of PtdIns3P in the early phagosome following ingestion of IgG-opsonized red blood cells.

The appearance of PtdIns3P was detected using green fluorescent protein (GFP) fused to two FYVE domains that binds to this lipid. The progress of two engulfed particles (black arrows in the interference contrast image A) illustrates the time course of the PtdIns3P response. At the beginning of the fluorescence recording, the bottom particle is already brightly labelled (B), but this begins to wane 6 min later (C). The particle at the top had just been engulfed in B and shows no evidence of PtdIns3P, but this is clearly evident 6 min later, and is still present 37 min later (D). Reproduced from Vieira et al. 2002, with permission from the Biochemical Society.