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Module 4: Figure myosin motors

Myosin V motor structure and function.

The myosin V family exemplifies the activity of many of the unconventional myosin motors. A: myosin V functions as a dimer with the two heavy chains joined together through a coiled coil region. The N-terminal motor domains are attached to actin and the C-terminal globular domains are linked to various cargoes by different adaptors. Six calmodulins (CaMs) are attached to each of the 24 nm lever arms. B: activation of myosin V is driven either by Ca2+ or the binding of cargo. C. The Myosin V family members bind to different cargoes using a variety of adaptors (melanophilin, myrip and FIP2) and Rab GTPases (Rab11 and Rab27a).