High resolution

Module 4: Figure Myc structure

Structure of the Myc family and their associated proteins Max, Mad, Mnt and Miz.

The three main Myc proteins are shown at the top. The C-terminal region contains the basic helix–loop–helix (HLH) and the associated leucine zipper (ZIP) domains. The N-terminal region contains a transactivation domain (TAD) and the conserved Myc-boxes (I–III), which play an important role in binding to various transcriptional coactivators (denoted by the black bars shown above the c-Myc structure). The HLH-ZIP domains of Myc bind to similar domains on its partner Max. Max also binds to the Mads, Mxi1 and Mnt, which also have HLH-ZIP domains. Miz1 is a zinc-finger protein that also binds to Myc through a Myc-binding domain that does not depend on the HLH-ZIP domain. A nuclear localization signal (NLS) is located on c-Myc, Max and Mad1.