Module 3: Figure WAVE2 effects on Ca2+ entry

Regulation of Ca2+ entry in Jurkat T cells.

Jurkat T cells were transfected with vector or with two shWAVE2 vectors. After incubation for 72 h, cells were treated first with anti-CD3 in a Ca2+-free medium. All three groups gave a similar transient, indicating that the release of internal Ca2+ was normal. However, on addition of 2 mM Ca2+, the two cells where Wiskott–Aldrich syndrome protein (WASP) verprolin homologous 2 (WAVE2) had been suppressed showed much reduced Ca2+ entry responses. Reproduced from Nolz, J.C., Gomez, T.S., Zhu, P., Li, S., Medeiros, R.B., Shimizu, Y., Burkhardt, J.K., Freedman, B.D. and Billadeau, D.D. (2006) The WAVE2 complex regulates actin cytoskeletal reorganization and CRAC-mediated calcium entry during T cell activation. Curr. Biol. 16:24–34. Copyright (2006), with permission from Elsevier; see Nolz et al. 2006.