Module 3: Figure Ca2+ signalling in SCID

Defective Ca2+ signalling in the T cells of a patient suffering from severe combined immune deficiency (SCID).

The Ca2+ shown in panels a and b represent the responses of T cell populations taken from a patient (P2), normal control T cells (Co) or T cells from the patient's mother (Mo) or father (Fa). The different treatments identified store-operated channels (SOCs) as the likely site of the defect in Ca2+ signalling. The cells were treated in Ca2+-free medium to deplete the stores and the degree of store-operated entry was then tested by re-adding Ca2+. For all the treatments, the entry of Ca2+ was almost completely absent from the cells from the SCID patient (red traces). Reproduced by permission from Macmillan Publishers Ltd: Nat. Immunol., Feske, S., Giltnane, J., Dolmetsch, R., Staudt, L.M. and Rao, A. (2001) Gene regulation mediated by calcium signals in T lymphocytes. Vol. 2, pages 316–324. Copyright (2001);; see Feske et al. 2001.