Module 2: Figure thimerosal-induced Ca2+ signalling

Thimerosal-induced Ca2+ oscillations in oocytes.

A. The normal Ca2+ oscillation induced by sperm fusion in a mouse oocyte. B–D. Examples of Ca2+ oscillations induced by addition of the oxidizing agent thimerosal at three different concentrations: B, 100 μM; C, 10 μM; D, 1 μM. Reproduced from Cheek, T.R., McGuinness, O.M., Vincent, C., Moreton, R.B., Berridge, M.J. and Johnson, M.H. (1993) Fertilisation and thimerosal stimulate similar calcium spiking patterns in mouse oocytes but by separate mechanisms. Development 119, 179–189, with permission from The Company of Biologists; see Cheek et al. 1993.